AREP's people


Every member of our staff has experience with commercial and production companies, as well as service-provision companies, in a range of sizes, in both the profit and non-profit sectors.

When it comes to mid-sized businesses, different services are required than those offered by the large accountants' offices. In our view these often fail actively to address the needs of that sector.

As we see it, this segment needs a different approach, i.e., a personal approach, one offering a great deal of room for advice. And the quality of that advice is of paramount importance.

AREP's in-house resources for the independent professional are substantial. Particularly as regards notaries and lawyers, we have available to us extensive knowledge in the area of reporting and reporting requirements, as well as expertise in the calculation of hourly cost-price rates for notaries.

AREP Accountants was founded on 1st December 1997. The staff at our Nieuwegein, Amsterdam and Rotterdam offices also includes tax lawyers, economists and business administration experts.