An organisation’s financial figures reflect an enormous quantity of information. This information relates to the current situation, to all ongoing processes, but also, to a significant extent, to the processes that will take place in the future.

It is hardly surprising that people often think financial or tax advice is all about cents and percents. Figures provide a lot of insight and therefore make an attractive criterion for any internal or external opinion.

AREP Accountants, however, feels that it is every bit as important to know and explore the organisation behind the figures: the history of the organisation, for example; the people who work there – management and employees; customers and suppliers; and also the vision for the future and future management plans. We do not need to know absolutely every detail, just enough to be sure that the overall picture is clear and comprehensible.

AREP Accountants is absolutely convinced of this. We like to be closely acquainted with our clients, whether individuals or organisations. Consultant to client, but especially person to person. That fact and this knowledge play an important role in everything we do: from our financial advice to our tax services.

Everything is expressed in intelligible language, in a good dialogue or a clear report. And as we always say: it doesn’t have to be about numbers.